3 Reasons To Buy A Home In The Winter

Are you thinking about going house hunting? While the winter is usually considered the off-season for the real estate market, that may actually be a great reason to go for it from the buyer's perspective. Here are three reasons why it's a great idea to contact a local real estate agent this winter instead of waiting for warmer weather to arrive.

Less Competition

The warmer months of the year are clearly the more popular time of the year to put your house up for sale or begin a search for a new house. But house hunting in the wintertime might actually be smart if you are a buyer because it means you are less likely to face competition. This lower demand can be used to your advantage, especially if the seller is trying to move on quickly. At the very least, there is less chance of getting yourself into a bidding war that could quickly pull you out of your price range.

You Might Save Money

While listings will obviously vary depending on location and a variety of other factors, new listings that go up in the winter may ask for less than if it had gone up during the summer. This is because the real estate agent and seller know that supply likely greatly outstrips demand during this time frame so something must be done to call attention to the house. You likely have improved chances of being able to negotiate and get a good deal. For example, you could ask the seller to help you with the closing costs or throw in a few pieces of furniture or appliances.

Easier to Spot Certain Problems

Have you ever bought a house in the summer but then discovered that there was an issue with the insulation or an ice dam once winter weather arrived? While the house clearly won't look as nice from the outside when it's covered in snow, the lousy weather might also give you a heads up or two about potential issues that you otherwise could have gotten saddled with. If you do notice any issues like with the insulation, you can use this to your advantage at the negotiating table.

Wintertime is not a popular time of year for house buying but that's exactly why you might want to move forward before the spring thaw arrives. Heading out to buy homes in the winter will allow you to face less competition and might even save you some money. Contact a real estate agent today to get started.