Tips For Staging A Luxury Home To Create The Right Image For Buyers

When you sell a luxury home, you aren't just selling real estate. You are selling an image. And selling this image requires you to create an atmosphere where buyers can envision themselves living a better life after they move into your home than they currently do.

For example, if your home has a gym and tennis court, buyers will visualize themselves exercising more and learning to play tennis after they move in. In reality, people are creatures of habit and most buyers will never actually get around to learning to play tennis or make any real effort towards exercising more.

To successfully achieve the right image to sell a luxury home, follow each of these tips when staging it:

Tip: Use Subtle Decoration to Remind Buyers of the Home's Unique Amenities

One way to use the amenities your home offers to help sell your property's high-end image is to use subtle decorations to remind buyers of the amenities and how they will improve the buyer's lifestyle.

For example:

  • Place fluffy beach towels and sunscreen in plain view in the bathroom nearest to your swimming pool or hot tub

  • Hang two tennis rackets next to the door leading out to the tennis court

  • Put some golf clubs and balls in a bucket if your home is near a golf course or has a putting green in the yard

These types of props help your home's potential buyers see themselves out enjoying all of the fun things your property offers them.

Tip: Make Sure the Exterior of Your Home Is as Luxurious as Its Interior

When selling a high-end home, it is important buyers see a connection between the home and its yard. For example, if your yard is sparse and minimalistic but your home is ornate and full of antiques, this will confuse potential buyers.

If you spent the money to have your home professionally decorated but you didn't pay for a landscaper to design the yard, then there is a good chance your house and yard will look out of balance to potential buyers.

Tip: Consider Using a Professional Staging Company

Finally, if your home has never been professionally decorated or it was decorated more than five years ago, then you should consider having it professionally staged. Luxury home buyers expect a professional level of decoration and design, and unless you are a professional interior designer, you aren't qualified to stage it yourself.

Your real estate agent can help find you an appropriate stager and should advise you about ways to make your home really stand out and project the high-end lifestyle image necessary to successfully sell a luxury home.