2 Stress-Reducing Services That Can Help With Your Next Move

Selling your home and moving can be some of the most stressful events in a person's life. But when you are facing this situation on your own, there are some professional services that can greatly help you while reducing your stress and responsibility. Here are some of the best stress-reducing and helpful services related to selling and moving from your home.

Use a Home Buying Service

When you think of selling your home and moving, there are many steps and a lot of work along the process. For example, you need to clean and keep clean your home so it is ready to show to a potential buyer at any time. Then when you get an offer on the home you may need to negotiate the terms to make them acceptable to your needs while meeting the buyer's needs as well and work around a specific closing date.

Instead of worrying about selling directly to a buyer, you can sell your home to a home buying service instead. They buy your home from you, releasing you from its financial obligation so you can move on to your next home and location with less stress. Your home buyer will later sell the home after you have moved out, often providing assistance for you to move. Check your area to find a local home buying service and the specific details they can help you with while selling your home and moving.

Hire Concierge Movers

Alongside selling your home, moving is a high-stress activity that many families complete several times through their lifetimes. But moving your household does not need to be as stressful as the last move you did on your own: you can have full service concierge movers handle a majority of the details for you.

A concierge moving service handles the basics, such as packing and preparing your household for a move, then they also do the physical move including other more detail-oriented tasks. This can include stopping and starting service at your old and new residence for your utilities, internet, satellite, home security system, and any other home services you will need to transfer due to moving.

Your concierge movers can also take care of cleaning your old residence and your new residence to make sure you move into a sparkling clean home. And they can take care of specific tasks, such as hanging your decor at your new place and arranging your furniture at your new place so you have a place to relax or take a nap as soon as possible.