Bed Bug Bites: What You Need To Know

Bed bug bites seem to be increasingly common these days, as more and more homeowners are having to fight infestations of these annoying pests. The main problem with these tiny insects is their irritating bite, which can cause quite a bit of discomfort. This article takes a closer look at bed bug bites and examines some key facts relating to this issue.

How Bites Happen

Bed bugs are not especially aggressive insects, and they will tend to avoid people who are awake. When you are asleep at night, however, bed bugs will come out to feed. They will bite you while you sleep to feed on your blood. You will not notice anything when this happens, because the bed bugs release a substance into your body to mask any pain.

How Bites Look and Feel

Individuals react differently to bed bug bites and, in some cases, there might not be any visible mark at all. When a mark does appear, it is usually several days after the victim has been bitten. The bite will be a red bump that may appear along with other bites in a zig-zag type pattern. The bites will typically itch a lot, although the itching is usually confined to a small area around the bite. In some instances, a person might have an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite, and the itching will be markedly worse than normal. An allergic reaction may also cause hives or rashes in some cases.


No solid evidence exists that bed bugs transmit diseases to humans. The main issue with these bites is not disease transmission, but the possibility that the bite may becoming infected due to excessive scratching and a failure to keep the bite clean as it heals.


Most people who suffer bed bugs bites will not need any medical treatment. The bites should heal on their own. To reduce the chance of any infection, you should avoid picking at the bite, and keep the area clean by washing it with soap and water. If a severe allergic reaction or infection develops, contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

The only way to eliminate bed bug bites for good after an infestation occurs is to eradicate all of the bugs in your home. This can only be done by a professional bed bug exterminator. If you notice any bed bug bites on yourself, consult with an exterminator in your city.