4 Ways To Take Your Home Selling Into The Digital Age

If it's "been a minute" since you've last dealt with a home sale, you might need to brush up on some new ways to deal with old issues. The way that homes are shown and marketed have witnessed a digital revolution in the past few years and failing to familiarize yourself with the changes might put you behind the curve. Read on to find out about four new methods of selling your home that might mean an easier and more efficient experience.

1. Lock-Boxes Go High Tech

In the olden day, agents routinely installed special lock-boxes on the doors of an empty home. This kept the agent from having to use the owner's keys and gave them a way to show a home without having to actually be present. Lock-boxes are still a thing, but you might also encounter real estate agents or owners who use their smartphones to give agents or buyers access to the home. Digital locks not only unlock and lock but can also track dates and times of use.

2. Keep An Eye on Your Home

When a house is vacant, it can be plagued by any number of problems. For example, a water heater leak left undetected could ruin a floor. Monitoring devices on appliances can quickly detect when things go wrong and alert you immediately. Empty homes can often be the target of squatters or vandals, but video cameras have decreased in size to be almost undetectable and can be remotely monitored. Want to create a comfortable environment for buyers but loath paying those high heating and cooling expenses? You can control your systems with your smartphone, allowing you to turn things off and on from afar.

3. Signatures Online

If you've already moved and hate having to return to sign real estate paperwork, there is a solution for that. Applications like DocuSign (and others) provide the means for legal, quick, and easy signatures no matter where you are.

4. Get a Drone's Eye View

You may have already realized that drones are more than just clever toys. They are being called into play for any number of uses and marketing your home is no exception. The way your home looks from the sky gives a new dimension to viewing a home. Not only can buyers and home inspectors view the status of your roofing, but drone footage also captures your entire neighborhood for viewing.

Speak to your real estate company like Roberts Real Estate for more information about even more digital ways to get your home sold.