Selling Your Home On A Budget

Most sellers will just naturally look for easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up their homes before putting them up for sale. Some sellers know that nothing short of a major overhaul will update their homes enough to catch a buyer's eye. You might, however, not want to spend as much or take as much time to update your home in order to nab that sale. Read on for some tips that will make your home look fresh and new without having to spend a lot.

1. Kitchen Matters – If you were to ask a real estate agent what room you should focus the greatest share of your attention on when getting your home ready to place on the market, they will very likely name the kitchen. Unfortunately, it can get expensive very quickly when you try to do things like replacing older appliances. If just want to give your kitchen a cleaner look, consider using appliance paint. This type of paint is formulated just for appliances. You can even find it in that much sought-after stainless steel look. If your kitchen is already in more of a country, traditional or retro style, consider some bright pops of yellow or red. You can never go wrong with black or crisp white, however.

2. Window Wonders – The windows of your home do far more than provide a view. The more light they let in your rooms, the larger those rooms will appear to be. While plantation blinds are a trend that looks lux and are here to stay, they can be expensive. If even wood-look blinds are not in your budget, consider dressing your windows in fresh new curtains. When you hang the rods, extend the width a few inches beyond the window frame to visually enlarge the look of the window. Some distinctive decorative finials on the end of those rods will add further interest to the look.

3. Flooring Troubles – While it's quite the trend to have gorgeous hardwood flooring adorn your rooms, this update can cost a lot. Laminates can be less expensive, but you might want to consider painting the floors in certain rooms. Be sure to use paint that's meant to be used on outdoor areas like decks and porches since it will need to weather some use and abuse. Try some interesting patterns in the entrance or a cute checkerboard pattern in the kitchen. You can paint over laminates or real wood with this type of paint.

4. Lighting Designs – Replacing your light fixtures is a relatively inexpensive way to make the whole room look updated. Check your local big box store for new fixtures. Look for the expensive look of brushed nickel for an instant improvement. Be sure to consider your front porch lights, since they work as decorations for your front door and leave a great first impression.

Talk to your local real estate agent for some more ideas on making the most of what you already have.