How To Sell A Home Faster Without Spending A Fortune

When you're ready to sell, you're ready to sell. You don't want the home to sit on the market for three months; but then again, you don't want to spend thousands on changes to ensure it sells quickly, either. Is a speedy sale possible without spending a fortune on updates? In most cases, yes. Here are some ways to sell a home faster without spending a fortune.

1. Remove any clutter.

People don't necessarily like to see an empty home because they like to picture themselves living in it—and that's a lot easier when there is some furniture and decor. However, people do not want to see clutter, either. It makes it hard to judge what the home is really like, and it makes the space look overly personalized. Before you list the home for sale, get rid of any extra decorations, items sitting in the corner, and so forth. Donate items you don't need, and put others in a storage unit.

2. Choose the right real estate agent.

Some real estate agents are better at selling than others. Choose an agent who has a history of selling homes quickly. Someone who has been in the business for at least five years is usually the best choice since they will have more connections—and those connections may help you find a buyer even before the home hits the market. Interview several agents, then choose someone who seems motivated and confident.

3. Have an open house.

An effective sales tactic is to list the home on a Thursday and host an open house on Saturday or Sunday. Do not show the home to anyone between Thursday and the open house. This gives people just enough time to "discover" the home in listings and plan to see in on Saturday. By not letting anyone in until the open house, you will ensure the open house is well-attended. The more people present at the open house, the more competition there will appear to be. And when people suspect competition, they make offers faster.

4. Ask a fair price.

Some people prefer to list the home for more than it is worth, figuring this allows buyers to make offers. But a high price may initially intimidate buyers and scare them away. List the home for what it is worth, and you are more likely to have a quick sale. Your realtor can assess the home and its value, providing you with the right asking price.