4 Things To Know About Dog-Friendly Apartments

If you own a dog and need to rent an apartment, you might have to do some extra work to find a place that will allow you to have your dog there. If getting rid of your dog is not an option, you will likely be willing to go through the extra work this may require, simply so you can bring your dog with you. As you begin your search, here are four things you should understand about dog-friendly apartments.

1. You may have to search high and low

You cannot expect to find a dog-friendly apartment complex simply by calling one apartment manager. In fact, it may take making a lot of phone calls to a lot of apartment buildings before you find one that allows pets. Dogs can destroy apartments and can bother neighbors, and these are two of the reasons many landlords do not allow them. Don't give up, though, if you call a few places and find out they do not allow dogs. Just keep trying and calling around; you will eventually find a place that allows pets.

2. Your rent will probably be higher

When you find a place to rent that will let you keep your dog, you should expect to pay a little more for your rent. Landlords often charge higher monthly rental amounts for people with dogs, and they may also charge an extra security deposit for the pet.

3. You may be required to buy insurance

You also should not be surprised if you find out that you will be required to have liability insurance if you have a dog. Liability insurance is something you can purchase with a renter's insurance policy, and it is designed to protect against things like dog bite accidents.

4. You will have rules to follow

The other thing you should know is that there may be rules to follow with your pet. For example, there will probably be designated areas outside that you must use when your pet needs to eliminate waste. You may also be required to pick up the waste after your pet goes. Your landlord will give you a list of rules that you will have to follow if you have a dog.

Finding a dog-friendly apartment is harder than finding an apartment that does not allow dogs, but it will be worthwhile when you find the right place to rent, as you will get to have your dog there with you. To learn more, contact a company that has available apartments for rent, such as ABA Rental Properties Inc.