6 Tricks To Rocking Curb Appeal In The Winter {We'Re Looking At You, Front Porch}

Experts always talk about curb appeal, but what exactly is it? Think of curb appeal as making a good first impression. When you go to a job interview or to meet the in-laws for the first time, you want to make a good impression. You are clean, well-dressed, and on your best behavior. You pull out all the stops to impress. The same applies to curb appeal. Everything should be clean, well-dressed, and on its best behavior. Just like you do a once over in the mirror before leaving for an important meeting, give your house a once over in the areas below to avoid any curb appeal faux pas.

1. Mailbox: While not the main element of your home, your mailbox should look good. If it is askew on the post, it doesn't give a good impression, much like a crooked tie.

2. Shovel: In the winter months, be sure to keep everything well-shoveled. The driveway and the front walk may be obvious places, but take the time to shovel your back deck or patio as well. This will invite buyers to step outside and see how great your backyard is, even with a blanket of snow.

4. House Numbers: Unless its your neighbors that are coming to see your house, the agent and the potential buyers are going to be looking closely at your house numbers. They want to make sure they are at the right place. If yours look ragged and worn out, buy some new, shiny brass ones. The cost is minimal, but it just looks good.

4. Cobwebs: Spiders like front porches. No matter what part of the country you live in, there are always cobwebs at the front door. Take the time to sweep them off daily, if necessary. It's not a big deal, but think of it as broccoli between your teeth. It's not good and a quick brush will take care of the problem.  

5. Wreath: This time of year, the standard advice of having a nice pot of flowers on the front porch doesn't work. It is too cold in most climates for that. Add a wreath for the holidays and then switch out the bows and decorations in January. Leave the plain, unadorned wreath up for a little greenery.

6. Doorbell: Ring your doorbell. Does it work? If not, consider getting it fixed. It may seem silly, but the buyer's agent will most likely ring it before entering your home. If it doesn't work, buyers start to look at your home with different eyes, wondering about what else is broken.

There is never a second chance at a first impression. The same can be said about curb appeal. Put your best foot forward every single time. Contact a home selling service for more help.