Things You Should Do Before You Move Into An Apartment

Taking the plunge of moving out of your parent's house and into an apartment is a big step in life, and it is definitely not something to rush into. In fact, there are several things you should do before you set out looking for an apartment, and there are also some things you will need to do before moving into the apartment you choose to rent.

Check your credit

Months before you expect to want to begin your search for an apartment, you should take the time to check your credit and finances. Most landlords and property management firms check a person's credit when they apply for a unit, and you might experience problems getting approved if your credit is not good. If you find that your credit is bad, you should try to fix it before you apply for an apartment. If your credit is good, then you should have no problems getting approved, as long as you have a job and good references.

Complete a move-in inspection checklist

When you find an apartment that you really like, you could go ahead and tell the landlord that you will take it. Before you sign the lease, though, you should complete a move-in inspection checklist with your landlord. This checklist is something that allows you to check every aspect and feature of the apartment and make notes about problems you find. You should detail every issue you find in the apartment, even the small ones, on this checklist. By doing this, you will not be responsible for these issues when you move out of the unit.

Get renter's insurance

After signing your lease, you will need to make a phone call to your insurance company to purchase a renter's insurance policy. While this is not always mandatory, it is a good idea, as it will protect your belongings if something happens to them while in your new apartment.

Contact the utility companies

The other thing you will probably have to do is contact the utility companies to get them placed in your name. This may involve making just one phone call or many, but you will need to do this before you move into the unit.

These are four good things you should always do before moving into a new apartment. If you would like to view apartments and properties for rent, contact a real estate agent or property management firm today.