The Benefits Of A Neighborhood With A High Walkability Score

What is a "walkability" score and why is it important when looking for homes for sale? A walkability score is what it sounds like: a 1 to 100 representation of how easy it is to walk around a neighborhood. And even if you don't anticipate having to walk around your neighborhood very often, there are many benefits to having a neighborhood with a higher walkability score.

It's Healthier for You and Your Family

It's healthier to have a neighborhood that you can walk around. Health has been strongly correlated with the ability to take a walk from time to time throughout the day. If you can walk to a corner store, you're more likely to do so. A walkable neighborhood is also a neighborhood in which you can jog, too—which makes it possible to take a run from time to time to build up your fitness. 

It's Convenient If You Have Children

If you have school age children, it's much more convenient to live in a neighborhood where they can easily walk to the local mall or coffee shop or take themselves to school. In some neighborhoods, it's not even possible to get to a bus stop without having to walk by the highway. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can be extremely dangerous for adults, let alone for children. 

It's a Sign of a More Expensive Neighborhood

Most neighborhoods don't have the money to invest in infrastructure. If your neighborhood is walkable, it's more likely to be a high-class, expensive neighborhood. Neighborhoods that can invest in sidewalks can also invest in public transit, good schools, and other benefits. Understandably, this is only one factor that leads to a "good neighborhood," but it's certainly one of the most major factors. 

It's Likely to be a Safer Neighborhood

While walkability doesn't gauge how safe it is to walk in a neighborhood, most neighborhoods that are walkable have more people interacting and watching the streets. This means that, usually, a walkable neighborhood is going to be safer to walk: there are fewer opportunities for people to break into houses, break into cars, or otherwise get into trouble. If you're concerned about crime rates, a walkable neighborhood is usually a good bet.

These are just one of the things that should factor into your search for the perfect home for sale—but it's a pretty important one. Your real estate agent can tell you more about which neighborhoods are going to match your needs the best.