Selling A Home With Only Two Bedrooms

Ask most people what they are looking for in a home, and their list will start off with "three bedrooms." If they have a larger family or are thinking of growing their family, they may instead specify that they want four or five bedrooms. Rarely will you hear a house hunter say they want two bedrooms. So if you live in a home with two bedrooms, selling it could prove to be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you sell a two-bedroom home.

Emphasize the non-space features.

Obviously, you have to disclose in the listing that the home has two bedrooms. But other than listing this fact, you should not dwell on it. You should instead focus on features that have nothing to do with size. Explain how the home is located in a great location, how it is nicely decorated, or how you updated all of the appliances and are including them in the sale. If you don't focus on the fact that there are only two bedrooms, house buyers are less likely to focus on that. If your listing convinces them to come to look at the home, they may fall in love with it and decide to make do with the two bedrooms.

Make the outside look awesome.

Hire a landscape company, and have them come to make your yard look absolutely remarkable. Fresh flowers, nicely trimmed bushes, and tidy trees will transform your space. Then, make sure your realtor puts a really big sign out front. This will attract buyers who hunt for homes by driving around. They won't realize the home only has two bedrooms until they look at it, and at that point, they may already have fallen in love with it. If they had found the home online, they might not even have given it a second thought after seeing it only had two bedrooms.

Focus on storage.

Many people who want a three-bedroom home don't really need three bedrooms. They need one or maybe two bedrooms, plus extra space for storage. So if your home has other storage available, they may love it and overlook the lack of a third bedroom. Make sure you tell all about the storage space in your listing. Consider adding some more built-in shelves or storage space under staircases. 

Selling a home with two bedrooms requires some creativity, but with the tips above and the help of a real estate agent, you can do it! A real estate agent can help you answer the question, "How do I sell my home?"