Types Of Oceanfront Properties For Sale: What Are You After?

Living on the beach near the ocean and hearing the peaceful slapping of the waves or the roar they make during a storm is the dream of many people. If it is your dream and you want to live close to the ocean, there are plenty of oceanfront properties for sale. You simply have to decide which type of property you want to purchase, and then have you real estate agent keep their eyes open for you. The following selection shows the different types that may be available near you (if you are an East or West Coast, or Gulf state resident). 

Beachfront Condos

These are condos built just yards from the beach and the ocean. They are much more common in Florida, California, New York, and a few other select states. You may share a wall or two with neighbors, or they may be individual condos with just a few yards of property separating your condo from your neighbors' condos. 

Converted Hotels

Hotels near a beach and the ocean that have failed to make it as hotels are often snapped up by developers and turned into multi-story apartments. You have entire homes on several floors all within walking distance of the beach. It is akin to buying an apartment in New York City. You buy it, own it, and live in it just like a home, but it has all the amenities of apartment living. Some of these failed hotels converted to apartment homes are really stunning and luxurious, too. 

Beach Houses/Cabins

These cute little abodes are built right on the beach, just above the highest point of high tide. The water rises twice a day and comes close to the beach house/cabin, but never so close that your little house is flooded. Some are rented to vacationers, but a lot of them are sold as oceanfront homes. The only drawback is that you frequently have vacationers walking past your windows and around your home's property to get to the beach. 

Private Beachfront Homes

These are much larger homes, built independently of any other house within yards of each other, and every one of these homes has its own private beach. That is good news for owners who do not want vacationers roaming around their property en route to the beach because no one is allowed on the private beach belonging to each home (except the homeowners). These homes are a little more costly just because of the private beach, but owners will argue that the extra cost is worth the extra privacy.