What to Look for When Picking a Senior Apartment?

Are you looking for an apartment for your senior parent? Are you unsure about what to look for with the unit? If so, it is probably because you have never shopped for one before. Most people are unsure of what features to look for when picking one, yet it is vital to know these things when looking for one to rent. Here are four of the top features you might want to find when searching for senior apartments.


Location always matters with apartment rentals, and it is an especially important factor with senior apartments. First, is the area safe? Will you feel confident with your parent living there? Next, is the apartment complex near town, allowing your parent to walk to places they want to go? These features are vital when picking a senior apartment for a loved one.


The next thing to examine is the amenities the facility offers. Many senior apartment complexes offer amenities for the residents that make their lives easier and better. For example, you might find a gym at a senior complex. You might also find a hair salon or nearby pharmacy. You might want to examine all the amenities before picking an apartment.

Services Offered

You might also want to ask about the services the complex offers. For example, do they offer free rides to the residents? If your parent does not drive, this might be a service to find. Another service that some facilities offer is meals. You can ask about these things and other services to learn more before selecting an apartment.

Safety Features

The final thing to look for is safety. Is the facility safe? Will your parent feel secure living there? You can judge the safety by examining several things. First, how do the residents enter the building? Do they need a key or code? If so, this is a good feature for safety purposes. Next, how secure are the locks on the doors? Do the doors have deadbolts? Finally, do the apartments have call buttons if the residents need help? Having a call button is a necessity in all senior apartments.

If you can find a unit that meets these needs and requirements, you might want to choose that one to rent. If you need help finding units that meet these needs, talk to a real estate agent or property management firm that is familiar with your area today.