Selling Your Home? 5 Ways To Get Great Exterior Photographs

Do you want to sell your home quickly and for a good price? Then you will want great photographs of it. With more and more buyers searching online and conducting much of their shopping and buying virtually, professional photos are a must. Because your property's first impression begins with its exterior pictures, here are five things you should do before undergoing real estate photography

1. Choose the Right Hour. Consult with your professional photographer about the right time of day for pictures. Sunlight at the right angle can make any house look its best, but that angle will depend on the home's position, landscape, and features. Many photographers prefer the light at sunset, but yours may have better knowledge of the area. 

2. Clear the Clutter. As with interior photos, your yard should be staged without excess clutter. Clear out items that are normally left sitting around, including children's toys, gardening tools, bikes, and car tools. If you can move things inside, into a shed, or off-site, consider doing so.

3. Stage the Yard. Staging starts with cleanup, but it also involves reorganizing the furnishings and décor to simplify and freshen the home. Stage your yard by carefully considering its best features and maximizing these. Use borrowed or purchased elements if yours are not neutral or inspiring. Highlight colorful plant pots. Get rid of faded mats and well-worn toys, add a seasonal wreath on the front door, or borrow your neighbor's hanging basket for the day. 

4. Hire a Landscape Crew. If you normally have yard maintenance services, arrange for a visit the day or two before pictures are taken. If you normally DIY your yard work, consider having a professional crew come over and give it a good mow, sharpen the lawn and shrub edges, water well, and even plant a few new flowers.

5. Move the Cars. Many people overlook one of the easiest details for exterior real estate photography: moving the cars. The point of house photos is to give buyers the best view of your home and its property — not to be hampered or distracted by your cars, trucks, motorcycles, or personal watercraft. Move these out of they way, even if you can just get them out of view while a picture is taken. 

Want more tips for exterior real estate photography? Start by consulting with an experienced photographer in your area today. The investment of time and energy you put into this will undoubtedly pay off in a great sale price.