Assisting A Senior Relative With Their Apartment Search? Tips For A More Productive Search

Housing choices, like many other things in life, are often influenced by the aging process. The sprawling single-family home that once was comfortable for a large family can suddenly begin to feel much too big and difficult to maintain. Seniors in this situation may want to move into a smaller, more manageable home but find themselves struggling with the search process. 

Seniors in this situation often turn to a child, grandchild, or other younger relatives to help them with the process of downsizing into a comfortable apartment. If you are assisting an elderly loved one with their search for a senior apartment, these tips will help you enjoy a more productive search. 

Choose a location to suit the present and future needs

Location is just as important in any real estate search, but particularly so when comparing senior apartments for rent in your area. To ensure that your elderly relative will feel comfortable in their apartment for many years, look for a location that will make it easy for them to see their medical care providers, shop for groceries and other needs, and enjoy hobbies or recreational activities. 

If your elderly relative intends to continue driving, the apartment complex will need to have convenient parking options, preferably in a covered garage if the area experiences snowy weather in winter. If they will not be driving, the apartment selected should be one that will offer convenient, safe access to public transportation options. 

Choose an apartment complex with security features

Another important quality to look for when comparing senior apartments is security, especially at entry points into the complex or building. Controlled entry options, such as card readers, coded number pads, or an on-duty door person can help to make seniors feel more comfortable with their new surroundings. Additionally, your relative may want to look for a senior apartment that also offers in-unit call buttons or intercom systems that can be used to summon help, if necessary. 

Choose an apartment with helpful layouts and features

Helping your elderly relative focus on apartments with important interior features and layouts specifically designed for older tenants is also helpful. Roll-in showers, wide hallways, railings, lower counter heights, and special faucet and door handles can help ensure that the apartment will continue to be comfortable as aging continues or mobility issues arise. 

To learn more search tips for locating a great senior apartment, make an appointment to discuss your plans with a reputable real estate agent who specializes in senior housing options in your area.