Things Your Real Estate Agent Might Suggest When Selling

You probably know someone who put their house up for sale and had an offer the same day. Then, the sale went through after a few weeks, and the seller didn't have any bumps along the way. This scenario is the ideal selling situation, but this isn't the way home sales always go. However, you might have a better chance of having a smooth, fast sale if you do a few things before listing it.

Here are some things a real estate agent might suggest for you to do before listing your home.

Staging your house

Most homes require preparations before the homeowners list them for sale, and real estate agents call this process "staging." Staging simply means making some changes to a house to help people like it more. Therefore, it makes a home look nicer and reduces the things that homebuyers might want to change if they purchase the home. You shouldn't be surprised if your agent recommends some staging efforts before listing your home.

Getting a pre-listing home inspection

Some real estate agents recommend getting a pre-listing home inspection before listing the house. A pre-listing home inspection is the same process as a home inspection a buyer gets after putting in an offer. However, you do this inspection before listing the house. But what's the purpose of this step? The purpose is to avoid problems when trying to close on the house after someone makes an offer. If you can find out the problems now and fix them, you'll have fewer challenges when dealing with a buyer who gets the home inspected.

Fixing the important issues

It's also common for real estate agents to recommend fixing important issues. For example, they will suggest fixing something if the problem stands out. Agents know what buyers want home sellers to fix, and they'll look at your house and point these out before listing it.

Pricing the house correctly

The agent will also suggest pricing your home correctly. Unfortunately, the asking price attracts or deters homebuyers, and many homeowners don't know the correct price. Therefore, you can ask your agent about the price to determine how much to ask when listing it.

Ready to hire a real estate agent?

You might want to start working on these things right now instead of waiting to do them. Once you're ready to sell your house, you can contact an agent to start the process.

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