What To Look For In A Kitchen When Buying A House

For those who like to cook or eat in the kitchen, it is one of the most critical parts of the house. A careful assessment of the kitchen is therefore crucial when buying a house. Below are some factors to consider during the assessment.


Evaluate the available space and determine if it fits your needs. Don't just focus on the overall space. Consider the walkway space, the distance between major kitchen parts (such as the distance between the dishwasher and sink), plus storage space. Even the clearance around the island matters. If you usually eat in the kitchen, confirm that the available space is adequate.

Ultimately, the space you need depends on your kitchen habits and lifestyle. Increasing the overall kitchen space post-purchase is not practical. Ideally, you should choose a kitchen that meets your space requirements as it is.

Design and Layout       

A kitchen's design and layout affect its functionality and aesthetics. However, kitchen layouts vary a lot, and aesthetic considerations are subjective. For example, some people entertain in their kitchens and need space for the same. Some people want to cook without distractions and prefer a closed kitchen.

You might not even know your preferred kitchen until you see it. Therefore, view the available houses, consider their kitchens' designs and layouts, and decide.

Cabinetry Features

Some people consider kitchen cabinetry the hallmark of any kitchen. Whether you subscribe to such a view, you want kitchen cabinets you can conveniently use. Try the kitchen cabinets to see how easily they open and close. Ensure the cabinets and drawers are not moldy or rotten and can serve you for many years.


Many people agree that a kitchen is only as good as its appliances. Again, people have different preferences for kitchen appliances. For example, some people swear by gas ranges while others are more at home with electric cooktops. At the same time, there are many kitchen appliances, and you probably don't need them all.

The condition of the appliances also matters. Ideally, you want to buy a home with kitchen appliances that you don't have to replace soon after closing. If not, the home's price should reflect its condition, including the appliance's condition.


Lastly, evaluate the kitchen materials regarding durability, maintenance, and age. For example, porcelain flooring is more durable than other materials. Similarly, natural stone countertops (such as quartz) and granite are more durable and attractive than laminate countertops.

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